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Part 2: Spiritual Combat

October 17, 2019


    What is spiritual combat? Well it is the NOT endless fight against our three evils in the world:

  • The Devil
  • Worldly Nature
  • Selfish Desires

Every sin possible comes from at least one of these three categories. Pornography, comes from worldly nature and Selfish desires as well as temptation through randomness from the Devil like a so called random add popping up in your browser. Drug addiction comes from the same thing. Pridefulness comes from selfish desires, as well as anger, and other emotions. The Devil is the deceiver. Known for that one time when it was "just a joke". But all in all, everything sinful comes from these three things.

Sitting Duck

    We all have heard of being a sitting duck (A.K.A. being idol). The hunter is going to shoot the duck before it can fly away, and the dog is going to bring the now dead duck to it's master. The same case can be made with us. If we do nothing or little for God, it's only a matter of time before the hunter - in this case the Devil - shoots you and then for sin to walk your body to his master in Hell. The reason I bring you this imagery is because it's true. The fact of the matter is that we all have a limited time on earth and even though you may believe in Christ; the way you actually get to heaven is by faith in the grace of Christ due to your undeniable belief in Christ. If you truly believe in Christ, then he is your Lord, and you are his servant. Sitting still is not only going to lead to your defeat but thousands of others. If there is anything you get out of this article it is, do not sit still.

"When you have done everything you were told to do, should say 'we are unworthy servants. we have only done our duty'." NIV. Luke 17:10

How to Combat It

   The art of combat takes people years to master. Spiritually it is no different. For me personally I find myself always sinning. And even though I may not be looking to sin, I still end up sinning elsewhere where I never thought I would. When I go about my everyday life I still struggle with lust, and if I'm not struggling with lust it's pridefulness, and so forth. My point is that you will never master the art of spiritual combat. At the end of the day Jesus is the one that saves.

    Well that's no help or is it? What we must do is not just say, "in the name of Jesus Christ flee!" We must say this and look up to God. If you were staring at a build board with a skimpy girl, saying "in the name of Jesus Christ flee!" will not make that temptation go away. If we turn our eyes away and our heart away and point them toward Jesus, we are taking action as well as not being a sitting duck. If you fear the Lord then you will take this action. This action triggered by faith will convict you of your sin. Thus preparing a lit path to take.

"Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through fear of the LORD evil is avoided." NIV. Proverbs 16:6

Yowkno Founder, CEO

Ethan Feuerbach

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