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October 21, 2019


   Why can't I find a friend or someone to date? Your not doing something wrong, but rather theirs a different perspective at hand. I know how hard it can get when you really are alone. I say that because I was the one making someone else feel alone. That person was my sister. It wasn't just me making her feel alone but everyone around her. But why? Why would an entire family so call, "gang up" on someone?

   The day I realized my wrongs was the same week I told my sister her wrongs. She didn't like it and nor did I. The last thing anyone wants to do is be proven wrong. So what did I realize? I realized that simply things don't matter. I understood this due to this true story from a mentor of mine,

A father, his son, and his son's friend were fishing. But later that afternoon a severe storm came into the area. Due to this, a large wave pushed both the young boys over into the lake, one on each side of the boat. The father only had one life preserver. He had to choose the life of either his son or his son's friend. When asked by the media why he choose his friend over his own son he said quote, "Because I knew my son was saved, and I didn't know if his friend was."

   The only thing that matters in life is whether you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior. And the fact is we will be treated wrongly by other Christians too. But if we look at it with this perspective in mind we may just change our whole idea on it. The friend ended up being saved a couple years after the indecent. I'm almost certain it wouldn't have happened without the hardship of choosing someone else over your own son. So that being said I try my best not to have friends, not to have anything really, but instead have a relationship with Christ. Christ is where true company is. Of course me and my sister went through many phases, but this was the turning point, because we realized pain and hardship is apart of the Christian walk. And thank God for it.

"Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult'." Proverbs 12:16

Being Alone Is Good

   Okay, maybe being alone isn't bad, but how is it good? If we are alone then their is only one thing left out there... God. I've never had a stronger connection with God until I was truly alone with just me and God. Remember this, and keep it true to your heart as I still do. Because of all of this we can understand the testimonies we can tell from it. When you aren't alone anymore share your testimonies to those who are alone so they themselves can get out of their struggle too.

"One man cannot do it all, but one man with a lifetime can be enough of an example to have someone follow in his footsteps" - Bob Pierce | Founder of World Vision.

Give Up

   Okay, this is where it get's interesting. What does the world constantly tell us to do? Are the phrases "do you", or "be your best you", or "be what you wanna be" familiar? But what does God tell us? To give it ALL to him. So if we are alone, doing what we want to to do WILL end in chaos. Want proof? Okay, what happens when you tell a suicidal kid "do what you wanna do"? What happens if we tell a potential school shooter to "be what you wanna be"? In both cases they are almost always depressed, scared, and more importantly, alone. And all leading to chaos.

   So what can we do? Simply set an example. If people see you happy and joyful in times of hardship, they WILL ask why? Your answer will be... "I gave up".

Yowkno Founder, CEO

Ethan Feuerbach

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